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TONDEO | Experience TONDEO anew!

The largest industry trade fairs in Bologna and Düsseldorf in Spring of 2019 see the presentation of the NEW TONDEO:

Innovative. Elegant. Exclusive. Close to the hairstylist.

We produce scissors for hairstylists who pursue their trade with passion. A stylist uses their scissors, day-in and day-out, year on year in order to offer their clients extraordinary levels of craftsmanship.
For this reason, it is TONDEO's desire to create extraordinary scissors, razors and tools for stylists. Our passion is for scissors characterized by design, ergonomics, quality and functionality. Scissors that sit perfectly in the hand and with which the stylist achieves the ideal cutting sensation as they work. Handmade in Solingen.

This experience and sensation of cutting with a pair of high-quality TONDEO scissors is reflected in our new visuals: The scissors, always take center stage, guided by the hand of the professional. The hair and the model represent the emotionality of the career and the industry. The steel represents the material of the scissors.

The new Tondeo logo is subtle and elegant – the "N" symbolizes the meeting of the two blades of a pair of scissors.

The latest TONDEO scissor technology, the CONBLADE on various scissors, introduced at the same time as a brand relaunch, represents this new experience of the brand:

  • Visibly ground differently,
  • Tangibly more extreme in form and thus
  • Perceptibly sharper
  • For a cutting sensation like slicing through butter.

This is also represented by the new slogan:


In addition to the product catalog, homepage and advertising material, the packaging concept has also been completely revised. The packaging represents the steel world of the individual scissor lines with its colors and its haptic reflects the TONDEO "YOU FEEL IT" principle.

Experience TONDEO anew:


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