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UST combines two of the most important brands of hairdressing equipment under a single roof. Both brands trace their roots to Solingen, a city known for its precision blades, and both have enjoyed great trust among hairdressers for decades. The products have proven their quality, practicality, and ease of handling in practice. Many hairdressers identify with their JAGUAR and TONDEO brands. UST is committed to maintaining this heritage and further developing it on a targeted basis. Each brand will continue to live up to its original profile.

The JAGUAR brand has a family history in Solingen, the city known for its precision blades, stretching back to 1932. Its products are right in step with the latest trends and developments, supporting creativity, individuality, and inspiration among hairdressers. All this makes JAGUAR the hairdressing brand for all creative individualists. Professionals in over 80 countries around the world put their trust in JAGUAR.

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TONDEO has also been based in Solingen since 1928. TONDEO acts as a partner to discerning hairdressers who need high-quality products for their creative work. Optimum customer care and outstanding service are top priorities.

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