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Tradition is great. Innovation is better. But better still is a mix of both: innovation rooted in tradition. Nearly 80 years of experience and expertise in development, production, and sales of professional hairdressing products serve as our unique basis. This priceless pool of experience not only allows us to provide superior quality, but also serves as the foundation for ongoing development of new, innovative, and exciting products at our company.


Rethinking the art of cutting hair: sealing the hairs with TCC THE CARECUT or individual cuts using the TONDEO BLAZOR, winner of the MCB Paris Innovation Award. UST stands for unique trends, new directions, and techniques that really show their worth when used on clients' hair.


Form follows function, a maxim that shows in all of UST's designs. Examples include the J-CUT 30, winner of the reddot Design Award, and the JaguArt scissor collection, which features bold designs for a spectacular statement during every cut.

Crafting high-quality products has always been a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. After all, as a customer, you don't want to make any compromises when it comes to the tools of your trade. Even today, producing a pair of high-quality hairdressing scissors takes at least 120 individual work steps. At our plant in Solingen, these steps are meticulously carried out by hand in combination with state-of-the-art machines and technologies.


Uncompromising – that's what we call our view of quality. With each and every product we make, we focus on achieving the utmost in ergonomics. Just hold them in your hand in the salon to see what high-end quality really means. Every movement, every work step is so comfortable that creativity is fun, and stays that way throughout your working life.


We develop our new products in cooperation with hairdressers all over the world. This close relationship with our customers, hairdressers, allows us to identify new trends and requirements for new tools and techniques especially quickly. We analyze these aspects right away as we develop new tools for use in salons.

UNITED SALON TECHNOLOGIES GmbH makes high-quality products for professional hairdressers, but that isn't all. We also offer comprehensive service for all products marketed under our brands, over their entire lifespan. Customer satisfaction is our focus.


At UST, scissors are given their original grinding by hand by the pros at the plant in Solingen, who ensure the perfect tension and original cutting angle. Only a precision cutting angle can maintain our scissors' unrivalled sharpness.


Our TONDEO consultants in particular focus especially on providing service on site. Our field reps act as capable partners, working side by side with hairdressers. Our team is all ears at anytime you contact us, by phone or by e-mail.